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I am not a capitalist - a capitalist sees everything as being buyable or sellable. Within the regime of capitalist overseers, I am forced to abide by the limits of a society also upholding such standards in order to sustain basic life via minimalist techniques. It is not my duty to take this on by myself, but often I feel as if I am alone to do so - when I arrive in a situation, I take what I need and replace with it, what I have come to overstand as being better than what was there to begin with. In 30 years, peoples words set in and an individual can either ignore the greatness they are able to trot forward with through contemporary barbed fences with, or they can lay down and feel as if those words are enough to lay down for waiting purposes that they have done a good job. When I am no longer able to hold myself in this body/shell, no gold star sticker trophy statue will be of much comfort but perhaps to those who come after me will have a better understanding of how to exist beyond.

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