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185668232 inc.



Brooklyn, New York, USA, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy




Multimedia Noise Glitch Vapor

Experimental Electronic  Singer Song Writer

Performer Producer Promoter

Live VFX Projection Mapping Fine Cine


Press Description: 

~ is one brOKen number number demonstrating <# of Polyversal condition as a non profit arts and humanities charity organization via live multimedia, 'poeticalogic,' streaming 'wWw' sequenced free improvised field recordings and microphone/lenses, processed by A/V sample-machine-work-station, software, effect processing, DiY inventions, installation, crowd participation + zZz to deliver timeless abstract-avant-activist-alchemy, breaching genre/astral planes.


||:Σ⇔mc²[ॐ]ø/⚥Ⓐ∞°©¢:|| ♭<# 


Studio/Stage Gear: 

MPC Live 2, Akai Force. Ableton Live 11.  Shure BRH440m. Focusrite Scarlett 18i8g3. Resolume Arena 7b. Blackmagic Design ATEM mini. Christie 4k Projector. Sony FX3. Sony 28-135mm FE PZ. DJI RS2. DJI Mini 2. DJI OSMO 2. Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G 7". Rode Go2. Hollyland MARS300. Zoom F1. Zoom SG. Zoom H6. mid-2019 MacBook Pro i9 64GB RAM 1TB. greenscreen pipe/drape, JBL eon615 pa system. Drums. Ukulele.

House Requirements:

* 500+ watt full-range pa system

(2-1/4" jacks)

* HDMI/VGA 3200 Lumens 1080p video projector (HDMI/VGA/Thunderbolt cable) 

* Large projection surface + ceiling projector mount installation ability

* Public press / interview possibilities.

NYX's Venues Union:










Event Walkthrough:
185668232 is a multi-genre project that custom engineers minimalist club concept public attention spans, full range performance art free-form emotional expression and sing-song philosophical comedy utilizing a true hybrid balancing live interactive background dance music video with master of ceremonies.


Usually either sampling the crowd or slowly letting feedback build up from ambiance of a space, the project constructs a unique soundscape of the specific venue or prepared stage-ware for about minutes that then snaps into a pattern using the live audio and live video sources. At this point, some lyrical expression and stage movements are synced with broadcast video cameras and projection around the room. The set then builds up or breaks down (depending on the previous-to-following movement) into a clip based sing-song pre-made beat that everyone is privy to. I resample parts of the song making ambient transition breakdowns via live vibe variation improvisation.


Sometimes the seamlessness is broken at this point to open a new project, to make some specific public service announcement banter and joke using effect processors to demonstrate how much is and is not being automated live. Often times, the crowd is offered ability to select something online to use as a sample source (like a magician would have someone from the crowd as participation interaction) or select from the minimalist acoustic sound sources on stage with the microphones (almost anything found in the building). They are instructed to make the sounds on video and the recordings are built back up into a new beat loop, lyrics are dropped in again on-the-fly as free expressing something evidently in the air from the universe. The song locks into another sequence and the process of a controlled drone noise interlude pulls  in an older song to play along to and adapt and show the video world how it has carried on and changed through the years.


Some people sing along. Some people stay to binge. Some people turn it into their regular soiree. Some shows don't even have a crowd scheduled for major music video social distancing purposes of the workers, artists, technicians and engineers.  The whole event changes depending on venue, concept show, live on-stage collaborators and the style of music requested.




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Tour Rider: 

For-profit establishments: $1/1 mile between previous & proceeding event, for each artist + individual's day rates + sleeping arrangements + nutrition.

Non-profit establishments: Exempt of payment; we make trade-
agreements substantial to the 501c3 status universal mission criteria.

NYC Rider: 

For-profit establishments: $1/1 mile from home for each artist + individual day rates + access to admin event pages + sponsorship for marketing + 1 meal.

Non-profit establishments: we are neighbors of the same Commun Circuit; our rave new world needs this influences more than capitalism.


Booking Email: 



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Closing Appreciation:

Thank you for being open minded with this reach out from the LGBT friendly, neuro-divergent and meta-imaginative societies this project represents. To share the enjoyment of next-level aesthetic is a prominent focus that audiences tend to test and respect, both online and live performance. 185668232's professional DiY network ensures everyone has a safe and valid chance to experience the next-level of a/v inspiration content changing psyches for the betterment of our world. This entire inquiry is negotiable but more likely necessary to not change for purposes of survival. Each event is scheduled and organized fairly so that no one curator is responsible for an entire tour or event. All dates, venues and artists are screened and chosen with care. Everyone is looking forward to our scheduled confirmation. Please inquire with any questions or concerns.


185668232 inc.

Thanks! Message sent.

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