Thanks for trusting your instincts; great choice going with 185668232! ***185668232 WILL TEMPORARILY INSTALL A SET, REQUEST A PLAYLIST, TAKE SAMPLES FROM IT, BUILDING IN...
5 hr
1-time-setup fee of $300 (about 6-8 hours / 1 day). This price does NOT include domain, URL address purchase or branding. If you need website connectivity, logo content m...
Branding &/or Website Design
7 hr
Anywhere from a live event to a professional studio to your practice space; this will be probably one of your best audio recordings and you'll be back for more... Please...
Pro Audio
6 hr
Thank you for choosing 185668232 to engineer your video! Please fill out this generic form or to make this process more convenient: https://do...
Pro Video
6 hr
Thank you so much for choosing 185668232 for tuning your piano! If you would please fill out either and/or both of the following generic forms, it will make everything m...
Piano Tuning
4 hr
185668232 has people from all over the world seeking to network with each other. Negotiations for rates and paying collaboration via contracts and paperwork are the easie...
Talent Scouting
3 hr