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185668232 is a time traveling biological experiment from the future to influence a species for prolonged existence (we are on the endangered list not so far from this very lifetime you read this as iAM alive and still growing. The encyclopedias 1986-2006 and 2000-2020 are currently being scanned crossing over each other and extending with prequels and sequels containing family writing, photography, music, singing theory and philosophy lessons, all organized by the clergy of 185668232 inc.


LOL LLC, 185668232 is a federally approved 501c3 non-profit, multimedia incorporated avant abstract alchemical activist noise-glitch influencer for several post-industries and nu-movements. It has been touring 2x/year since 2007. As one number number demonstrating <# of Earthen condition via 'poeticalogic' buried beneath syncopated field recordings, instruments/non-instruments, processed by digital-analogue sample-machine-work-stations, software, effect pad processors, megaphone, DiY inventions, crowd participation, video projections & zZz to deliver a timeless experience breaching every genre & astral plane.


This is a number of social security for public transparency so people can see they are not products for trade or bribery and that there are ways out of self destruction even while everyone around is not being the best. 185668232 has been involved deeply with formal music lessons on drum, piano, cello and singing lessons since 1995 but only started making their own music in 2004 as Emit J. Es, a project to protect identity which proved to be the opposite of what this multimedia project is all about. The project has grown through many genres, starting with what is now considered 'folk-punk,' eventually learning pro-audio technology through an unpaid internship, away from the 'trap' institutions their family could not afford.

Picking up the video and image design aspect of the project stems back to childhood realizing the future will be wondering why audio and video were ever separate. Photography college credits in high school as the photography department president through jobs as one-hour photo clerk led to the freelance corporate technician/operator/design engineer day-job career that now funds the entire number project.

Over the past 10 years, 185668232 has been artistically crafting a unique genreless-genre out of fractalizing the world around into the art, meticulously processing concepts devised while away from production gear, through machines and software into file types that are easily accessible to the general public. Lyrical content and the abstracts for each 'song' propose obscurity for the audience to pick up and understand as they will and for them to return to in later years, to find more they did not understand when they first heard it.

The live performance is a demonstration of how real-time moving sonic particulate (waves of air) can be molded into a unique 21st Century sound-scape structure from any object at all. As it is being swiftly organized, what people consider a song, is demonstrated using the contemporary components of pop-music assembled in the only way that 185668232 can produce - brOKen/glitch. Then again, the song is ripped apart again, reorganizing all the sounds that were just collected, adding in more sounds, mashing up internet culture and some older influences together, live on stage and reassembled back into yet another song. This process doesn't seem to get old and can go on as long as there is electricity and time is permitted. (Each song hopefully sounds totally different.) Acoustician noise is also part of the set, to demonstrate that 185668232 has only been pushing buttons live since 2011 and that the limits of the imagination are not confined to unethically made/trade Columbian metals of electronics. Eventually, the audience realizes that 185668232 and the future of music will soon be all genres of music tied together by what is called 'noise music.' Everyone comes up and says how awesome it was, asks for music to buy, sees shirts and an integral cable is always lost while listening and talking to absolutely anyone who is curious as to how to be a 185668232 in their own format.


A serious proponent to the incessant drive of 185668232 is knowing there is no practice life, that failing at something worth while is better than succeeding at something that is not rewarding and from having no back-up safety net circa 2015-2016 when 185668232's mother and father died unexpectedly, closing off a lot of unconditional financial and emotional mental flexibility that resulted in an even deeper sound palliate. In an attempt to not lose their mind, they (185668232) moved to Ithaca, New York, USA from 2016-2017, to save and plan for work and residence and officializing the non-profit paperwork and building a family in New York City.


This project has toured every USA state and 3 countries and has over 150 pop-songs, not including the experiments. In this time, it has opened for many name-drop worthy mainstream acts and been part of some super large events … the project can now stand on its’ own and does not need to list them out but will during an official interview.

Official ambassador for Ableton Live 10 and Resolume Arena 6-7 as of 2018.


10th year anniversary, filed for non-profit status, toured Europe & started the 365.25 songs in 2019.


COVID19 UNIVERSAL EMERGENCY 2020 began and in the midst of such world crisis, 185668232inc. was reborn a non-profit 501c3 seizing the means for redistribution. We are dealing with apocalyptic conditions and USA Senators know of 185668232. Rise Up.


2021 arrived 365.25 days later, not much changed, carrying with it a refined focus with cinematography balancing VJ, influencer and the humans species' largest single album of 365.25 songs as we plan a 7 continent tour to shoot DREAMESQUE the major motion picture, performing the harshest conditions with the best tech team possible, seeking solicitation by major labels to assist with the federally approved nonprofit organization. 54 weeks passed and  UNIVERSALISM was born out of necessity, as 185668232 was illegally evicted visiting its' hometown favorite venue PHILAMOCA on October 17, 2022. Influencing the local Rave New World union to abolish addresslessnes introducing an audited working format for 501c3's with 420a status to aid emo-health-goths, staff and supporters. An unprecedented support from the community it served, through to middle of 2023, performing several times per month publicly, writing the album now known as SPARKLE NOISE, demonstrating the best of Time Travelers Gene around NE USA, primarily Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC's hi-fi underground as the documentary continued to be recorded, keeping up with itself awaiting what would be known as the COMMUNICATION CENTER COMPOUND.

More information about 185668232 may be found in the upcoming publication of the last 30 years written and scanned.



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