March 17, 2019

self promotion's #radicool ...

*when you're genuinely grateful (aF) 
*when it includes & affects others
*when you are given lots of shows
*when and ONLY when it's funnn!!!
*because DiY+DiT>PaidPromotion


February 17, 2016

Just a small post for the day that seems to be brought up often is the topic of ADHD / ADD / ASPBERGERS / AUTISM being invented by the millenial generation or whether it's always existed and never before diagnosed.

My mother worked in a mental hospital for her interns...

Do you know the origin of this rhyme . . .?



                  HACHEW, HACHEW

                 WE ALL FALL DOWN ....

February 7, 2016

Story time:

Sometimes curators aren't researching the projects their friends are recommending but book anyway.

My 185668232 was hyped up maybe a little too much to people who weren't ready but simply wanted 'the new things.' So I was asked to do a private house show....

January 26, 2016

Music has never been a pop-culture trivia thing for me - it's always been about wanting to feel something really deep and connected, as a safety to everything else going on in the world. All I have wanted to do since day 1 of making music, was make music. Listening to...

January 20, 2016

I am not a capitalist - a capitalist sees everything as being buyable or sellable. Within the regime of capitalist overseers, I am forced to abide by the limits of a society also upholding such standards in order to sustain basic life via minimalist techniques. It is n...

January 10, 2016

<# = "less than sharp" is used preluding a 'harsh truth' like '<3'... 

||: Σ⇔mc²[ॐ]空缺 /⚥Ⓐ∞©¢ :|| #♭

185668232 is one number number demonstrating <# of Earthen condition via 'poeticalogic' buried beneath syncopated field recordings, instruments/non-instruments,...

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