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Just a small post for the day that seems to be brought up often is the topic of ADHD / ADD / ASPBERGERS / AUTISM being invented by the millenial generation or whether it's always existed and never before diagnosed. My mother worked in a mental hospital for her internship to be a nurse back in the early 1980's. She said so many normal people were locked in there under the call order of 302, because their parents didn't want to deal with them like a pet and the hospital had all the rights to test anything on them. Some of the people had chemical/electro labotomies done to them while others were submitted to extreme conditions. When the hospital was finally shut down for new laws against human cruelty, these people were simply released onto the streets of Philadelphia or sent to the local jails to be dealt with. I assume these people may have been rebels and/or had ADD with sociopathic families. frown emoticon Also, my own addition: I believe ADD is an evolution trait to keep people's minds from collapsing with an influx of technologies, information and communication - watching people try to process through all the thoughts they have all the way to their core usually results in mental disease, especially if the topics are as menial as capitalism and physical attractiveness generated by the mass media. <#, 185668232

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