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They Weren't Ready For It (2014)

Story time: Sometimes curators aren't researching the projects their friends are recommending but book anyway. My 185668232 was hyped up maybe a little too much to people who weren't ready but simply wanted 'the new things.' So I was asked to do a private house show. I brought the PA system and a just-starting-out dj was my opener to 'get the party started.' He was doing house music, obv. So the way it was setup, I ran signal from the mixing board back into my setup to steal some of his patterns to use as a seamless transition into my set after his. You know what I do... So his beats become brOKen through my 'trinkets' and the waves of noise from shredding it up so hard, begin to fill the room. It's getting really full sounding, sonic particulate moving Q.U.I.C.K. and no tap/whistle-along dense audio fills the room of New York-Chestnut Street office people all staring at me. The host notices everyone is caught off guard and staring, trying to figure out wtf it is they're listening to. Someone runs out of the room (I guess trying to listen to each layer made them sick?) and the host runs up to me asking for some house music artist I've never heard of. I hand her my computer to find it and I let the signal pump through the already clipping audio signal. AhahahahahahahA! It was not what she wanted at-all. So I chopped up the sound real hard again and forced it into an ambient tone that was more bearable for those without my level of listening experience. She clapped and was the only one clapping then asked me for a microphone, of which I obliged by handing her and EQ'ing it to take away the feedback. She announced that there was another party down the hall and they all left except for the few friends I had who lived in the building, who offered me so much smoke to inhale that I left a mic stand there. There is a recording of it where you can hear the previous dj's music being looped through my gear and then the conversation with the host and my chopping up what she wanted to hear. Maybe one day I'll find a website to upload it where none of my other work is being shown off, somewhere it cannot be searched for since it's not much to listen to.

Later on, I find out that she never listened to my music and simply hired me to do her private warehouse-loft-party event because someone she liked said I was really good and different and known in every genre of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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