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Music, Gear, Engineering, Capitalism, Psychology (NAMM 2016)

Music has never been a pop-culture trivia thing for me - it's always been about wanting to feel something really deep and connected, as a safety to everything else going on in the world. All I have wanted to do since day 1 of making music, was make music. Listening to the music I make comes 2nd I believe, while listening to other peoples music is only a template for what to do and not to do; I cannot recite every musician that's ever done a thing, because I don't really care lol. The songs and audio can contain historical facts that I love listening to but anything anyone has me listen to is pretty much to offer an opinion (usually praise) for those who want me to analyze it in some way. I never used to care about the gear as long as I could make some music with minimal expectation, but after sitting around with so many audiophile artists, I have come to realize a lot of the nuances between the technologies and attained a flow for creation that I never thought could exist.

Watching all these demo videos of new gear with their 'creator' team/staff makes me realize a few things about nearly every industry... Most of these 'creative engineer' people have terrible ideas; they're just very confident and stark in their intonation, which makes 'companies' want to hire them. While those with awesome ideas may say 'too much,' be 'too passionate' and actually be 'too innovative' for the the 'buyer' to understand or not want to 'deal with it' and rather, stand back until someone who can REALLY SELL THEM an idea, appears. The business-as-usual is quite boring to a futurist, but I assume it's e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. just trying to hang on with the hooks of their family money.

It starts with how people are treated. If they're rewarded for doing something great or perhaps being rewarded for their affiliations or being rewarded for how they treat others or being rewarded to just go away or being rewarded out of fear. With diverse living experiences, we can deduce from basic movements, to how they respond or how they don't respond, as to why they went about going into the field they are in rather than just developing really new things DiY. This is the entry level psychology that has been in motion really hard since it was realized that thinking about thinking how people think and act can be monetized back with Freud and Jung. So seeing these creative engineers, one can imagine how the workers are probably being treated and that influences whether an idea is being generated by consumer reports or if there's a huge ego involved or the lead engineer is actually quite lazy and doesn't want to read through and/or research it all.. So if the actual scientists making new circuits feel appreciated, they might blister up their brain and lose all their hair to invent something brand new. And this goes back to the reward system - if the scientists don't receive anything at all that they might seek (and it's usually not money), they won't put in the effort at all and THAT my friend is how we end up with terrible gear. That and capitalists trying to do a half assed job at making and selling something actually brilliant and diluting it and making it worth nothing, even to the person who created the original idea.

So we have people copying ideas without full appreciation, passion or understanding of the previous concept and it becomes annoying and people don't want it so the capitalist assumes it must be because of the price so they make it cheaper and market it more and make it even worse. Stretch this over several generations..

From their personalities and having experienced so many different types of people within the realm of music, I have been able to put some parts of their personalities into stories that can hold up and a lot of these people look like they got into the creative engineering position to attain some sort of trophy of recognition from someone in their life who will never be satisfied due to their own narcissism. I can also see the people who really love what they do and they're the ones creating the brilliant designs under names that will never be sold in mainstream stores and who's videos are fractions of the huge name brand company's with their shit hole designers.


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