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Stay In Your Home Town:

GENTRIFICATION ... A.K.A. '"The Spread Of Babylon..."

Why can't everyone just stay in their home towns and build the art up from there? Why do only the implants to the cities have opportunity in cities? The internet exists. Touring/traveling is a thing. There's less opportunity in cities unless you've got money to gentrify it. :(Minimum wage crustomer slurvice jerbs for local home-grown people and corporate/office big money for the suburban implants): This is why I boycott playing larger venues run by suburban yuppies tryna dress down, don't go out to add to the disaster or even support adding to the carbon emissions of the polluted 'woods.' This isn't new, faux sho and it keeps going because everyone's tryna hype up their terribles so they can get up and out. Most people fall for it. There are only a handful of liberated spaces in my city and they're all collectively run by natives and outsiders to all the 'super sheik DIY hipster b.s.' (SERIOUSLY: If you weren't in diapers in the city, you better not complain when people are mean to you for taking all their resources and art then deleting their family and friends...) You can reverse this by giving the locals, equal or greater-than to your pay, in the places that you absolutely positively must have exist.


Building community has come to mean, move in, have your friends move in, push everyone else out and tada, Northern Liberties! Please, don't just move there to suck everything dry. The falling apart houses are because of this exact issue. People just building their own 'underground networks' and never really including those who were born and will die, proudly, in these neighborhoods. No one will show them how to fix their own house, how to fight banks, how to grow their own food or purify their water. I don't want to have to move to another city to do the same thing! Touring is a lot of hyped up stress that only seems cool in hindsight, but youses don't share artists messages unless they tour so fuck. (We really need your help in the little towns you came from, seriously those are the places I have to tour to change people's minds sooooooo...) Let's coninue sensationalizing the suburbs!



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