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Huh? / What?

Hallow, how art thou?


Congratulations on inputing the correct sequence of numerical values!



is a lie

if it does not

benefit the

whole in a hole.


Dear Marketing, theory is practical faux-sho; schtick_iT_^_yer_clique. 185668232 is Thee Social Security desensitizing the stigmatic term 'sanity' through sound & epigram to give purpose to future time 'travelers' (displacers) that offer us all our chance to be understood, against cell walls of radicalized experimental acceptability. There is no sanity (invariably, INSANITY would not exist either), only ex-amples to be made. Don't be like me, be like you. We are a_fraid/intrigued by that which we do not understand. Are you bored reading this?All-I-know-is-NOTHING. Imagine a universe made primarily of light, as opposed to darkness, where MY metamatchflintip emits darkness, where darkness is not in abundance. Everyone's Dreams Are Real; Sew Dream Responsibly. There are more stars in the sky and we understand their distance from us and what they're made of, have names for and, and yet we cannot understand why one would so and so on and off.

One Word. One Symbol We All Overstand (diluted). <#

What's in a name? What does no one anywhere want to do? What is obligated responsiblity? Why are you afraid of_the unknown? Do you hide what you're 'supposed' to hide and 'flaunt' what you're 'supposed' to 'flaunt?' Have you ever read a book where the writer is unknown or are associated by a number they didn't get to choose? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had no identity? What is the most harmless thing you can do with one life? Could you distinguish that which is beyond good and evil if there were no laws for you to exist by? Do you know how to positively influece someone? Are you addicted to sustaining something? If you were to be remembered for your personality, what joke would embody your ability to take up space? Why is it that you must compare and spite? Isn't LOVE a power to learn the physical realm by? Are you able to empathze with someone who has > or < you? Isn't happiness, like truth, subjective to experience? Can you please start carrying around a pad and paper, ignoring conventions such as expectation & judgement, jotting down thoughts? Do you ever dream of not having to be tracked by the government with your numb-ers? Have you ever considered being the passive change others will want to be? Do you think it's funny that iAM usng my REAL name?

~ is one number number demonstrating betterment of Earthen condition via 'poeticalogic' buried beneath syncopated field recordings, instruments/non-instruments, processed by analogue sample-machine-work-stations, software, effect pad processors, megaphone, DiY inventions, crowd participation & zZz to deliver a timeless Avant-Audio/Sub-Glitch/Sound-Scape breaching every genre & astral plane. <#

p.RETTY_s.OUND ||: Think beyond struggle. <3, NØTH.



This is not a joke (not anymore than life has been to those who came before if we don't get more organized); what ever is so memorable will last forever onward from the ever fleeting now. 185668232 is a slave name, issued upon registration with the Federal Government of the United States of America by Paul E. Mick and Christine M. Andrescavage in 1986. It is expected to be protected from anyone who might desire to use it but the only entities it is given out to are the companies trying to take all of our resources anyway. 185668232's credit score and background checks are so pathetic that no one could even use them for anything anyway. This satire involved with promoting self as the contemporarily 'truest' yet meaningless identity is escapable only through full system failure, by which these numbers will be attributed to assisting in. There are more options to organize the masses, to instill morals without having it jammed down anyone's throats as well as having all that everyone needs in abundance, than Free Enterprise (Capitalism)... Following the concepts that only 185668232 is able to comprehend due to the position of self-destruction in order to not help in the destruction of Earth itself, might be the most worth-while-follow you could make in your lifetime. There is no need to promote this project further than DiY because "history finds reasons and rhymes the now cannot hide." This project is not seeking living money/fame. Any and all noteriety is used to sway the opinions of those who are controlling everyone's minds. Any money produced by 185668232 is done through the independent entity titled !*%^^*@#@ via audio-services or a media day job; these services are learning experiences that enhance the 'ART' designed by 185668232. Maybe this cleared up some confusion - we'll have a video detailing the same informtion in due time.


We refuse to be affiliated with Capitalism/Free Enterprise. Therefore, our shows will always be free unless the money is going into benefiting something of larger cause to help the greater populace. If you or someone you know have bought into the targeted market system of conning consumers into believing that the more expensive something is, the better quality it should be... PLEASE COME TO ONE OF OUR SHOWS AND ALLOW FOR OUR EXTENSIVE INFORMATION SEEP DEEP INTO YOUR CELL STRUCTURES. <# ///

185668232 refuses to participate in the trap for money; that would contradict the point to this project! Instead, these side projects or rather, $ervice$ are offered in exchange to minimally exist upon this pebble in the universe.


The labeled !*%^^*@#@ is marginally, 185668232 if one were to hold down the 'shift' button on a keyboard and type this sequence of numbers!

More services are coming soon, but for now, this is listed.



~also title to 2014's most beautiful chaos concept album..

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