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Noun. (Pronounced "DREAM-ESK") 1. The loose ends of every way, religious, sectual, cultural belief, neatly sewntogether (randomly tossed together in 'real time') is ~. 2. ~ is where we go when we are not conscious. 3. ~ is what we are only able to understand through sleeping. 4. ~ is when all we want to do is not be awake. 5. ~ was not created by anyone but rather, actualized and discovered.

Dreamesque is what you should practice when you've come to the zenith of Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Agnosticism, Atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, etc. Your body will only last as long as you prefer for it to let go of this energy that is you. We've been studying the idea of dreams since the beginning of history (which is only as old as we can calculate documentations) and only since the 1970's have we been able to do experiments sophisticated enough to have any explanation for this idea of DREAM. But I can see things a little simpler, connect dots in a way that others find to be 'work.' Imagine someone who cannot concentrate on anything other than their imagination and while they wonder what imagination is, stumble upon DREAMESQUE. It is important to build your dreams up before you're stuck on the other side. You go where you want, so go somewhere you prefer - go the fuck to sleep. I am the sandman, Freddy Kruger's nightmare, creating destruction of all that cannot respect them selves. While I am that which you all fear - void, here on Earth for only a short amount of 'time,' I figure I should offer you all the obviousness you 'desire' and 'deserve.' There is no reason for you to fear "the unknown" for I will not bother you and I do not matter to anyone. "Everyone's dreams are real, sew dream responsibly."


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