May 31, 2020

"The People, Aware, Will Never Be Silenced."

March 17, 2019

self promotion's #radicool ...

*when you're genuinely grateful (aF) 
*when it includes & affects others
*when you are given lots of shows
*when and ONLY when it's funnn!!!
*because DiY+DiT>PaidPromotion


February 17, 2016

Just a small post for the day that seems to be brought up often is the topic of ADHD / ADD / ASPBERGERS / AUTISM being invented by the millenial generation or whether it's always existed and never before diagnosed.

My mother worked in a mental hospital for her internship to be a nurse back in the early 1980's. She said so many normal people were locked in there under the call order of 302, because their parents didn't want to deal with them like a pet and the hospital had all the rights to test anything on them. Some of the people had chemical/electro labotomies done to them while others were submitted to extre...

Do you know the origin of this rhyme . . .?



                  HACHEW, HACHEW

                 WE ALL FALL DOWN . . .

Most have heard about the "Black Plague" that affected Europe. It was called black because black means bad to White people, but "the White Plague" actually happened to White Europeans.

The plague was so bad that every single family of Europe was affected and threatened with extinction. From 30% to 50% of t...

February 7, 2016

Story time:

Sometimes curators aren't researching the projects their friends are recommending but book anyway.

My 185668232 was hyped up maybe a little too much to people who weren't ready but simply wanted 'the new things.' So I was asked to do a private house show. I brought the PA system and a just-starting-out dj was my opener to 'get the party started.' He was doing house music, obv. So the way it was setup, I ran signal from the mixing board back into my setup to steal some of his patterns to use as a seamless transition into my set after his. You know what I do... So his beats become brOKen through my '...

January 26, 2016

Music has never been a pop-culture trivia thing for me - it's always been about wanting to feel something really deep and connected, as a safety to everything else going on in the world. All I have wanted to do since day 1 of making music, was make music. Listening to the music I make comes 2nd I believe, while listening to other peoples music is only a template for what to do and not to do; I cannot recite every musician that's ever done a thing, because I don't really care lol. The songs and audio can contain historical facts that I love listening to but anything anyone has me listen to is pretty much to offer...

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