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Social Activism

I encourage 'you' to share 'my' content; it's not a competition - I don't need likes for it and I am NOT trying to scare you. Someone once said that the most effective form of change is simply a picture, but now, with the onslaught of 'memes,' the perception is easily distorted and could cause confusion.

It seems as though people are refusing to #RiseUp because they think others will do it. It seems as though people are refusing to #RiseUp because they think they might be proven wrong (acting for the greater good of ALL can never legitimately be flipped against you); history has been tampered with to put a select few at the top and wasn't that the purpose of a constitution in the first place? It seems as though people are refusing to #RiseUp because they are afraid of confrontation; this silence allows for the confusion to continue spiraling out of control.

I will admit, there is a lot to care about and it may seem daunting but it's truly all connected. The best way for you to get involved is to know the facts and be able to decipher fact from fiction.

***The quickest way for people to gain popularity NOW is by caring, thanks to the speed of informations/communications technology, we are simply demonstrating what the south will only be doing in 5-10 years... If you have any experience in relationships with anything thus far, you might have realized you prefer that which cares about you; so you can expect people will like when you care. It's no biblical asset of wording - it's common sense.***

People told me on my last tour, that all the largest cities have a huge influence on the rural and suburban neighborhoods' youth and culture... The majority of the people don't leave their hometowns but still want to be 'up-to-date.' With the previous decade of 'gangsta-rough-and-tough' media-novelty, these places we visited are just NOW caught up and are portraying what they think is real.

So RIGHT NOW, if you grew up in Philadelphia and are aware to the changes going on, you would probably be as forward as iAM too; there's really very little time/energy/resources to fuck around. You would notice that the people born into their communities are bonding together; they are reaching out to say hello and be more compassionate with their demeanors to change the public perceptions from 'scary' to 'welcoming.'

There are so many people without the internet who do not see the colossal social movement to bring everyone together and reduce the harsh harm. This is why we are speaking up and talking about how to react to hate and how to reduce conflict and how to stand up for each other. Even the police are raised in these neighborhoods and they're only people reacting to what they have learned. The locals are aware of this now and are trying to prevent hate from those still trying to live the 20th century urban survival guide. We would not need a government if we could govern ourselves. Be nice. <#

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