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Existure iv

Existure iv

In order for the people to learn how to telepathically transmit symbols as a form of further accurate communication through language, they must practice. Technologies, like medication may aid in proper development of kinetic abilities.

But first, humanity must be equal within itself. The main issue during my time is resource based. Information becomes corrupt upon withholding others to compensate for laziness.

Do It Yourself.

Offer my love without condition.

This hemisphere's air tickles my bronchi in my bronchial caves.

I believe the generations raised with Internet actually think more. Less information is stored in each human allowing them to process information quicker. Reference computers as an example.

Abyss OS

Spirituality is for those trying to help themselves. Activists seek aiding others for contentment.

Way too mainstream for...

My mother and I.

Hours noth

Ing alike.

Lazy people love money and it's' function. Everyone else can use other resources to get by life.

Birds get upset hearing how many sounds I can make at once.

Jasper cat sits as close as possible to bass and drums.

C side songs

Human being hard drive.

Abyss OS

Thee look is null n' void

Aye Plecostomus

suck in HOLD blow voice

Bubbles into thick air.

Corrode beyond repair.

Rocks roll gangsta fare

Fair swear sonic sworn thorn

Orthodox pornographic deities

Accept except for thinking

It's fun to find patterns and play them

Chasing a dream chip

Make n' trade lazy judgement day.

Lazy judgement day,

On flip.

Reasons for not saying hi

Don't want anyone thinking I meant something else by what I meant.

No harm, need help

Lending lands

Far between stratosphere & core melting.

The all most club

Lost static clauses.

Preparing performance

Inspiration's love


Concept provocation

Proverb adverb


Passes tense

Rarely heard

On loop

By me

No body.

And I'm laughing

Because I understand

Why masochism

Calms you down.

Classic breathing clown.


Change now.

Twenty second century

Feels the same deep end


Please speak

In a language

Of symbolition


Ion ness ness

Prefix again

Suffix outline

Chaos theory

I'm going to be forgotten when I die.

All this time,

I'd been waiting

For nothing at all.

Says my cat.

Stop it

I'm tellin you

Believe in your self

It's just you.

This isn't funny. This was never funny. This will never be funny.

One life to me is four to you.

If no one one talked to god.

My mothers' mothers' body wouldn't be in common gr

It took me twenty five years to have a sense of humor though I absolutely knew what hallowed comedy was.

I didn't want to not be taken seriously.

Anyone ever be sitting in front of their Mac and it goes into 'sleep mode' while it's already been turned off for a long time? I'm thinking it's the camera someone is turning on (it's loud) to watch.

Gotta get up to turn the city on.

I like to think about



Door voice on BSS,


Barf & lay where everyone can see me in a house I might move into if the electrical outlets were grounded.

Post interesting things.

Nothingness and sound -

There's very little to know about both,

So I can scan all of its information quicker, applying the everything to both, faster than the everything can apply to sound or nothingness.

Hot & cold feel the same

In these senses we trust

to our plain plane crust names

What's made it fake grade lust

Pensions cut by rust dust

Paid smile while fade

Only time to get laid.

Poor pores pour

So they tell me with the capital t,

Where to go and that I'm thinking free

To the left, where nothing's right.

To the right where nothings left.

Up on my snuggles

Down with direction

Cardinal law

Is corporal punishment postection

Only the future sees

Histories for one species

Stuck to Earthen

If everyone gave him a dollar,

He would have no need to take percentages of your paychecks.

See, since mankind cannot be kind to itself or anything around it, a law must exist to enforce that people care.

The backtrack producer.

Well rounded includer

Stands wearing Barbie cloths

In winter weather

Gloats of Soni

To washcloth canvas cover

We could take back the streets

With indie school bus transit

Bypassing current fleets.

Accidentally made eye contact with someone on the train. I'm feeling fine but I felt their life strain.

If at third one don't succeed

To let a mind bleed.

Minty warm iron flavor

Crusting oxidation

brOKen crustacean

Holy mother

Three enemies of each other

come to me power hungry famished

Being so full of myself

Stuffed to eye

hate that guy

Who won at life.

Being bling

Being wife

Identity is deeper

Than a tough kid wannabe.

Stab me in the step pad

Sequence frequency

Itd so sad

Polyversal tissue

Doesn't feel Twenty years

Something about something

I like what I fear

Dis-ambiguated code leads to what's known all alone.

Along a trodden path

a teleport booth fades fast

Mid-fi soundscapes avantaudio

Not even clever...

Yes oddly tautological weather

Bless the sky

For she is breathing

Now, right now.

Think about it too much.

I can touch rough stuff

Such is such

I've said null n' void

Every good boy does fine


My sharp hash tag number number field irrigation under tone blur

Patience is grace.

"Yeah, haha, what I said."


Sprained your neck

Hanging head off bed

Frontal lobe throbbing

Breathe in deep

Held pressure

Eye bulge bent

Alarms not set

Gotta sit up

Remember what I said

Or thought of text

The Latin root word before zed

Inarticulo mortis

Lost the flow

No here you go

Write nonsense

I'll rub your back

When I'm done doing this

I hate that these lines distract being dead

Longer than I'm alive

We're not more than we are

Remember all that time synced to lack of a car.

Making everyone feel like they were his best friends.

My family's language is higher than verse end.

Patent pending

All rights reserved.


Left my solemn spit

As art and cigarette butts

Clock out concept

Think for fun

JUST outside thee (litter) box

Merry money erraboday.

Thou art silly to feel bad for doing stuff.

If everyone gave the blind homeless guy a dollar...

Taxes and law make sure everyone plays fare fair

Charts & graphs

Clock In, clock out

Sup doc

Sup g forcing flow

By the time I get my winter gear it will be spring time again on the North Eastern Coast of the United States in 2014.

Those with stubborn wills don't need to be congratulated.

When they tell you to slow down, pack up and get the fuck out of there before they send you to the streets.

Make someone's life suck real bad, then tell them to suck it up. That's Merica right there - children at play.

Your world holds you in high regard though you know your world is a very tiny place. The very important individuals come to your world and are treated poorly and you feel awful. Laying down won't help.

They wanted people to buy THEIR music but they didn't have time or energy to keep it together & settled on being the greatest salesperson. 🐝

The worst 'thing' a person can do is think they themselves are awful; the ramifications are horrific. Often not 'acting's less repressive.

Getting chills watching you pet the cat.

How doth thou design thine mind?

Cloaca cloche

Hipsters may be more up on the world than the youth.

Amen, Internet¡

364 point 25 days alive

Together forever.

There's no more dying.

There's a commercial that catches my mind in total from CGI to sound score selling chewing gum.

Hello joints

High barometric pressure.

Corrected, low.

Tipple Nickling

Nickel Tippling

Nipple Tickling

I've seen through it

Crystal glass air

Bent light form

Oil based function

For footage

Hello past

After me here and now

Who I talked to

Where I went

What others looked like and did

Who brought you what you are

Taste finger prints

Been cutting back on expectation intake then one day I'm offered more think the stink of my thinner insides flaking off laughter cannot hide trying to seem fun for sakes sake Hallmark statements made to pass a grade clock in clock out that's not what I'm about. Paying off some do the time don't let it do you. Signed up for what they want in my frustrated cycle Staring, watching, keeping eyes open, focus, do nothing, sit still for thrills bud lighters from batteries and bread ties. Watch an other lose their mind. Teach them to lie cheat and steal better than their dealer traded sex for love or games for snugs shoulda coulda woulda back when it was for fashion tech up a bill regulate necessity taxing trees for air. They're going to do it out there without awareness of history. Used all your words. No one wants to hear about hallowed sound. Transition daily. Hourly wage war in brains. Pointed aim. Sharper clef palliatte pounding knuckle deep. Push poop with pee. Thee speed of technology has not surpassed evil needs.

Never finding socks half asleep

They hate you cause you have dreams.

To Silence

Cats sometimes have four paws

Babies sometimes trained not to think.

Definitive statements sometimes laws

For all and none fun fun fun

From Unanimous Nothing

Spiders are not considered pets to realtors; they are pests.

The laws are established to keep people within organizations safe from their establishments. The government is able to do this because they have more brainwashed and/or desperate people working for them, with guns. Be nice, bare arms.

Anyone who's aNYoNE knows to make their own LFO's from feedback.

Function is optional

Waste is mandatory

Became okay with not making anything

Hates everyone who makes stuff

Now here I come picking at scabs I call inspiration.

If I react to my failure I'm dangerous

If I don't react to failure, I'm emotionally dead.

Either way, anything I touch will not function.

Thank you for letting me hold it in my lungs.

Want me to use thee postentious words or make 'em up on spot? Combination lamented

Emotion, context scoffed.

A different white guy voice

Unexpected changes

You think I actually feel what I'm saying

I'm an asshole for how I react and don't react. Eyes swollen with shrink. Foot sweat dust stink. Too damn cute think float

I love you for your strengths & weaknesses.

What you need to hear.

Thee mushiest plastic

That runs down eacH ear.

Crammin back

Heaviest lobe


Money buy a super soaker

Nerf nerd

Practice makes practice

Just to write about

Said 'it'


Don't wanna be ass

Ociated with


Thee Bit crush

Hi, I'm the elevator guy.

PleAse permit me

One pass

Soul Sole proprietor

Of these doubts.

Take what you need

From thee streets crumbled

Nice N Neat

Target market beats

Infant infantry

Wipe off thee dumbest

You see they can't hear a speak

Thee feels thee fears

That all & none

Once breathed

Transition always

That's please

Pollen & wax

Melted waning

Birds & bees

Not talkin bout her down on her knees as I type out these words you now read or breeze against EAR TYPANI

Cease and assist immediately

Slave made and trade.

Shorter lives for those who don't degrade.

When this city turns to sand, let's make our castle Disney Land.

But you know the world is ending

Planets go extinct

What's the point so sharp

Won't poke through beyond systems twitching.

To CY Canis Majoris

Data energy clouds

You are what you will to obligate helping paws.

It's not how it was when you were young. Gotta go online to apply.

Ordinary folk can't do what I'm doing

But they're thee only ones listening to these dumbed down sq

Privileged white dude

Bro-ing up

Something to think about

Though he has less

Opportunity is more

Civil servant pride

Technology whore

Too cute to be street

Far below G

Forced flow fleet

Want sad n' sweet

Tuck 'em in

Drink toilet tappin' feet

To a flushing beat

I am what I eat, dream & think

Broken Flurries between blink

Boiled dry crispy treat

The heat's far from a kitchen

Space to breath

Pit of a sink

Mouth hair

Its food chewed n' pooed

Try flipping it over not to get it on yer finger

Neighbors think I'm vacuuming

It's space man envy.

Burping up swallowed smoke in department of motor vehicles Watching

Waiting while she takes her driving test. License, registration, proof of insurance. Car reeks of smoke & death. That's fine. Parallel park. Speck fogs up when thee timing chain slips.

Thee prison of your mind has not yet been defined. Everything seems fine when you're blind. Being angry will either kill me or get me my way. Either/or, my default emotion is angry cause I know what I want Nd can't have it. Basic shit.

It's like an HR associate an hour after lunch on a Tuesday in January.

Double jointed bees knees.

Or an intestine pushed out and sucked on, then fucked back in again and coated in semen, then farticled out.

Not one great-established

Nap bone.

ganna put it on top

Like always

For never sake

Smart harder

Work work work

Saving thoughts is like saving money; it's never too late to do something incredible with what you've got.

A young person without ability to have internet.

Never minded futro obsolete

Taught us how to stop struggling

Pioneers exceeded

See affected


Depression caused depression

I will never be able to have what I want in time before further oppressed competition. We can never have the same experiences.

I need to be more passive aggressive.

I need to more like my family.

I need to keep it simple stupid.

You'll come down and say you're gonna leave because this is stupid why should you be chained to me.

I'm not bringing this food up cause you'll say you don't want it & it'll make a mess & I don't want to be up there all alone. This feels better all alone. Why do I have to feel this all alone?

Calling it out and can't do it very well with out hurting feelings. Bypass the individual, generalize a life that's not seen, not been.

The thing I love about you is what I hate the most

- you soothe my nihili woes. You want me for my honesty and drive and imagination to work through complexities.

Can't reverse, relieve.

Are we gonna play the all or none game until what we want is sifted out? Maybe if I say so out loud, it won't happen. Please site your examples for all what I find wrong with you? Please ignore my reading of my same question by which you said, "how can you be with me when I 'find so much wrong.'" This is typical non-communication - keep prying out more that was not there. Even though I told you: The thing I love about you is what I hate the most - you soothe my nihili woes. You want me for my honesty and drive and imagination to work through complexities but it's dense. The subtleties waste time. When I say I'm going to say what I'm going to say and that I know what I'll say will be crazAy because you can change the words. Speaking tangentially from another perspective, it's the same topic that you keep running from while also doing. I said for you to take the car because there's no way around do in through barbed wire emotion without being shredded on the other side. I was practicing my sleep mode setting of cut to the chase except there's no chase and you're walking away to a room neither of us REALLY want to be in. Maybe I could have asked why, but what is straight forward is usually far too kind for each mind.

Humans are trained. That's it. Anything domesticated is going to be wrong. They will organize on their own but at first they will be more perturbed than they could have been without the greedy smile slave pulling.

I can crush anyone up because being nice is only going to crush me up. I can't magically have 20 blissful stress free years. I can choose not to react and that is like shutting down if I'm not gone away before I can off it.

Got so caught up typing boring single syllable words that I forgot to state a trigger. Clicking ticking picking why I need be revisit it's painful. I know but otherwise it eats everything alive sometimes it's best to say goodbye but how when this and thine is perfected by thee buy of all that's whittled wry.

Can't kill a mofo on marijuana

I know I didn't do anything to hurt You proper singular, but I'll help to make up for that control disaster.

It's all about how you say have a nice day those phrAses okay, yeah you too.

Not evil - ground down than you can clown around in.

[Eye] ❤️ bland_food

Waiting at green lights twice in a row

For cars blocking intersection.

The highest frequency you will ever hear and this is the first and only time you will hear it as your ear cell hair melts into a migraine, as it's dying.

My mother was beaten as a child and I don't hold that against my grandmother either.

People with more opportunities have a chance to expand their emotions where as the unfortunate may have to grow up faster. Some people cannot enjoy themselves.

It is well understood that my intelligence is low cause I have to stay silent so as to not offend any one.

Gotta bring complimentary ear plugs.

I live with my mom.

That's all some have to say.





Does it hurt?


Then you're doing it wrong.

Humanities conversation with itself.

Eat sleep poop pee sex dream drive peat after peat after peat

What you do for control

What you think control is

What knows of control knows of deaths disguise

Watching a loved one lose their mind

I make shitty songs now since I'm caring for an other.

Never before.

Thought it was wasteful.

Living once at a level I laugh for.

Ignored with evil sad songs.

Alone zero scored bored whore

No time for promotion

Gonna leave behind this notion

That one day they'll be free

Sky to streets

Suicide is important to talk about with people. Especially when it's not on the mind for serious.

Each time I've 'attempted' suicide, I wanted to write about the experience.

Prejudice is prejudice.

Even against your own kind.

There's a time and place to be direct.

That's place is online.

Silence, why they're uncomfortable being recorded

I said I felt alone walking from Rays beam.

Somehow that will be held against me.

A know it all has greater than a terabyte of info.

If you don't know what I've been doing before now know.

Complacent complaining

Show you how to do it

You won't have to spend time figuring it out.

So bored working with others while the awakening if been predicting would happen.

My work meant nothing but I pretend that it did to wake up at the end.

With a memory of what some people can't do.

Move around the world with only sound I noosed.

Did it the right way.

Sat in an office for a year.

Got this slutty gear.

It's yourself you fear.

What, this voice is all mine.

Chopped up mixed in with designer finds.

You want something cool,

Build it fool.

It'll build your tool.

It'll build your tool.

It'll build your tool.

To use and diffuse.

Got what you wanted thought you left it with some memo-rules.

Stripped carnal jaw

Teensy tinesy suck n fuck

Little bruised law chuck.

You could move in with anyone.

But you stick with me cause I don't mind stink.

When you don't want to do something, you can be your own brightest star.

Stupid car takes me and my stuff around I think might be worth something.

Pioneer is a trade mark name.

I claim no shtick to fame.

Find a flame.

She wants to die cause she doesn't feel like she's accomplished anything with her time on Earth. She doesn't want to do anything that I ask her to do. So she can lay crying as I type out each line plainly with her toes on my face.

She says she's wasting my time but she's not. She's healing my injurious experience, unlike what another artist could do.

The way most non-creators cope with thinking they suck at everything other than consumption is by meeting new people constantly. It is not fun for me because others judge me based on my high cheekbones, my slenderness, the color of my skin, the way I cloth that skin so nicely and they hold themselves captive against my poetry and refusal to say what they want. Many make the mistake of trying to relate - having a stubbed toe does not compare to uhm...

No one should feel negatively about what they do even if it's blatantly immoral and ignorant; they begin to feel like they're wrong and afflict even more pain on themselves and others.

When someone tells you to enjoy the little things in life, they mean to shut up, stop bumming them out and to find intrigue in their personal naivety. The basics are your passion and when your passion kills you, there's nothing smaller than someone saying 'I' and someone somewhere developing the smallest particles in a vacuum.

Reproduce domesticate annihilate

Boycott life

Boycott life

Boycott life

Boycott life.

Bdei bodies own thee cosmos

Bdei bodies own thee cosmos.

Repeat it

How many ways do we understand that.this.

My crooked smile.

Bluffington heavy momental

When we run outta R X

We'll smoke thee house.

Thanks for all the pictures!

Idk what I can remember.

[you] don't have to grow up so quick

All information's thick

Don't stare beyond a past

Make more pasts to pass

Think it.

Stop hate

Before hate stops you

Fast Break a chain

Or yeast

Leaky drain bread

FX one lane vastly

Tamed beast

Industrial being chaste

Make to take

Feast on lasting

Rules for fates fake sake

Speak of silence to a crowd

Press record then press play

Call it what you want.

Selling assholes half assed fun.

Here it is free and here's something to leave with.

It's not much, I had to pay for it myself.

Any services you'll need are all on sale.

Buy one get one, earlier purchase cheaper thing

Person place idea

It's the same Milky Way



Wanna sports with me?

I'm the best at some rules rules!

It used to calm me down and occupy empty time.

Now it makes me anxious and I have no time to do it.

What do you do to chill out?


You've never made large obligations that affect other people's lives?

I'm not even going to divulge

What released thee beast.


Resonant frequencies

Centerized density


I know genius people giving away infinitely vast imaginative concepts to free humanity from itself that the idiots think they can sell as their own very mundane and harmful prisons to the world.

When you use corrupt systems, what do you think the output would be?

Hear this now; what most pose as only hypnosis, I bring about as foundation to remove foundation to promote always strengthening society as a community with pleasure in daily existence.

A question one has posed as a career, I can sum up in one sentence, but this is only after two centuries of duplication that I may have this so simplified: "What is important?"

Now a list should begin panning.



It takes solo DiY sound sorcerers longer to get known.

Less paying for a phonogetic zone.

Audio alchemists make a muse with a mess.

Turned a sock into a snot rag. Creative.

Speak in punch lines.

Recycle what you try to hide.

So basic here I am now I'm not.

You can put your voice into anything that you wish

Anything that you wish

Anything that you wish

Shoulda coulda woulda been life style

Almost one jello sea swimming in sticky looper turn style

Moving memories to delete

Has been nothing's new since

My cell walls hung well,


To trade to

What I am worth while

I am iAM not you am.

FM AM XM stationary

What are you doing right now?

What am I doing right now?

Free stuff over there.

This doesn't mean anything

To you

The few who knew

Domesticate, annihilate, consumer grade imagination

No blood in the dick

Performing social service tricks

Flickless sickling

Thee world ends

Only one day

After your death.

spicy styrofoam

Packaging made to look like it was crushed

Low resoluted

Image of a chip

Already growing earthen crust

Nothing worse than not being able to make music, for me.

When you give me silence.

I will ask very basic questions.

You give me simple answers.

I then began typing this.

Told you

Don't wanna think about it

But I do

You consume the thought away

I invest on changing it.

That's our difference

Can't shit on what's not yet born

Or been bored of your form ignoring warning.

Racists are ageists', homophobic & wasted on gods and guns, tasteless by tongues, fail basics on hatred fogging their patience, are fascists for fun, free nations with bombs, compare scared elder

Get cho mad cap laughs in

Got yer side kick joke outta

Repetitive etiquette that's highly unoriginale

No expectations for the white guy


Till they liiiike it.


Gave me what you didn't want

Made you make up your mind.

Filling up another line with yeah, uh huh yes man fuck back handed subtle bland buy a track to try

Mix it for another life

You only live once

Try slowing me.

Where have you been the last 10 years?

Making my music doing myself up n' up

A brain untrained to understand without instruction

This art piece is reminiscent of the un a pre for pro glow so grow see oh no

Money isn't evil beyond these peoplessss

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