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185668232 (2020 logo).png

90 minutes of seamless DREAMESQUE on hi-bias cassette tape.
It is not finished, so you get wherever it is in the process.
The versions of DREAMESQUE online, are older than the cassette tape variation.
This comes with an insert.
A PDF of the whole book I wrote (still in process) is separately available in hard zine-style.

"10 years ago when 185668232 began to this date, it came with a spirituality equally unprovable as any other but with more wonder and curiosity than our own waking work - DREAMESQUE. In physical format, this is a seamless concept album regarding the contemporary scientific prose of human consciousness, spirituality, imagination, sleep and the psyche (exempting the popular 20th Century dream interpretations)." As the projects' 10th anniversary, this ethereal ASMR collection of finely processed synthesis is bin-aurally-beat-bit-crush & glitch blended with control voltage of effect equalized field recording samples for a densely consonant ambient sound-scape. The music presented herein known as, 'DREAMESQUE' is the soundtrack for its' full length feature presentation motion picture based on the graphic text created on May 30, 2010 and published on May 30, 2020.






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